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For new and replacement boilers in Durham, OTS offer a competitively priced service

Annual service and the correct maintenance will keep your boiler working for its intended life span. Don’t fall into the trap of unnecessarily replacing your boiler, a lot of companies will suggest a new boiler when a thorough service and couple of parts can restore your boiler back to full working order. Our engineers are fully trained in keeping your boiler in top working condition, with most repairs completed same day. Our engineers know the common issues your boiler is likely to have and can advise best practise to keep your boiler working how it should. Should the day come where your boiler needs replacing we can have you a new boiler fully installed within 24 hours.

We manage a database of all our customers service due dates and will contact you by letter, email, text or telephone depending on your preference. We issue a digital certificate while on site with every service allowing you to create a service history for your appliance. Within our database we also keep accurate details of the gas appliances and controls in your home, this means in the event of a breakdown we will be able to potentially bring the faulty part with us.
Maintenance is always cheaper than repair.

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  • Competitive prices
  • High standard of work
  • Installed within 24 hours
  • Finance available
  • No hidden costs
  • Excellent aftercare


  • Serviced to manufacturers requirements
  • Helpful advice to keep your boiler working as it should
  • Competitive prices
  • Service certificate issued
  • Annual reminders sent to our customers


  • Wide range of experience
  • Quick turn around, most boilers working again within 24 hours
  • Correct boiler fault diagnosis made without wasting money on unnecessary parts
  • Helpful advice to improve your boilers future reliability
  • Competitive prices

Combination Boiler

Combi boilers are the most common boiler type in the UK with over 70% of UK homes choosing them over other types. Combination Boilers work by instantly heating water from the mains as soon as a shower or hot water tap is turned on making them efficient and also there is no need for a separate water cylinder or tank. As a general rule the larger the house, the higher the kilowatt should be.


System Boiler

A System boiler directly heats your central heating system and produces hot water for a storage cylinder. They work like a Regular boiler in that they need to store hot water, but unlike Regular boilers they take their water supply directly from the mains.


Regular Boiler

Regular boilers, also known as open vent boiler, provide central heating and hot water through a hot water storage cylinder, often found in a kitchen with a cylinder in the airing cupboard, and cold water tank usually found in the loft. They are perfect for homes with multiple bathrooms, as they can provide a lot of hot water at once. Generally suffer from more corrosion than sealed system as these systems are open to atmosphere.


New Boiler installed with 12 years warranty

Whether your current boiler is nearly the end of its life or your looking for a more efficient and better-performing boiler we have everything you need from planning and installing your new boiler to our excellent aftercare service, making the whole experience as relaxing as possible. You’re in safe hands.

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Upgrade to a modern central heating system

The average life of a boiler is usually between 10-12 years, depending on multiple factors, such as, use, maintenance and type of boiler. So if you have noticed that your energy bills have increased or your home is taking longer than usual to heat up.

If you still have the same boiler that was installed when the house was built and you have noticed your boiler is breaking down consistently or your home isn’t as warm it has been in previous years, then it might be time to replace your boiler.The first step is to organise a service with us. You should have your boiler serviced on an annual basis to meet the boiler manufacturers terms and conditions and to help prolong the lifespan of your boiler.

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